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Dr. Raven (PT, DPT)

I started working at MOTION RX at the beginning of this year and have not regretted my decision to leave the world of insurance-based physical therapy. By working here at MOTION RX, I have the autonomy to treat patients without the restrictions of insurance, I have the adequate equipment I need to properly address my clients’ needs to become stronger and prepared for their sports & activities, and I look forward to showing up to work each day due to the fun and supportive work environment!

Dr. Angela Lucas PT, DPT

MOTION RX is the kind of company culture you want to be in. We are small but mighty and for the first time in a long time, I am excited to get up and come to work! We foster the kind of environment where you are free to treat patients the way you know they need to be treated and Our 1-2-1 care makes burnout a thing of the past. The weekly team meetings have fostered some of the most beneficial conversations and provide constant support. Overall, I am happy to be here and could never imagine being employed at a place where I was overworked and underappreciated.

Dr. Justin (PT, DPT, CF-L1)

After working in insurance-based clinics for a period of time, I quickly realized it was not optimal either from the patient’s perspective or for me as a clinician, and that’s when I made the switch. MOTION RX stood out not only as a better alternative to traditional insurance-based care, but also stood out among other cash-based clinics in the area as this is the best place to go to work with other like-minded therapists who truly believe in empowering clients through education and movement. Every single staff member and clinician is very supportive in helping each other succeed in order to reach our collective and individual goals and challenge each other to grow in our professional and personal lives. I love the high-energy environment going into work each day, and most of all, working with motivated individuals who care about their rehab just as much as I do, where I can provide them with the best care possible, without the restrictions of insurance or demands for extraneous paperwork.

See What Our Patients Say!

“After months of experiencing left shoulder pain due to an exercise-related injury, I started to have a reduced range of motion and decided it was time to start Physical Therapy. I was referred to Motion RX by my personal trainer and I am so glad that I went. Peter Yu and his team are great! Just a few weeks into my PT I was feeling so much better. I gained strength in my shoulders and within a short amount of time my baseline pain was significantly reduced and I was able to get back to many exercises I had been avoiding. I am even stronger than before my injury and have gone back to doing all of the weight training exercises I could do before my injury. My pain is essentially gone with only minor aggravation after intense workouts. Peter also helped me with some other issues I was having and also got me started with dry needling. I was skeptical of the dry needling, but it has made a big difference. It is worth the time and investment at Motion RX. They will help you get back to or even better than your baseline.” – Melanie C

See What Our Patients Say!

“MotionRx is THE place to go if you want to feel your best. The 1×1 time you receive with a Doctor of Physical Therapy is so different from any PT you may have had in the past. Dr. Peter and Dr. Kate work with you individually and then set up programs for you to do at home. They’ve helped my aging knees and increased my hip strength and flexibility-and believe it or not–it is a fun place too! If you’re feeling stiff, sore or just plain tired and old, please give them a call-it will be the best decision you’ve ever made for yourself!” – Melissa T

See What Our Patients Say!

“My son recommended Motion Rx & I was not disappointed! I worked with Dr Jana & she was exceptional. What I liked was the therapy was tailored to me (no cookie cutter experience) & my end goals. Therapy sessions were one on one unlike other PT experiences where the therapist may be directing more than one patient. I have low back issues & was recovering from a hip injury. With Dr Jana’s help I’m at a point where I can do activities which used to result in pain & has given me confidence to continue towards my previous fitness level.” – Jane H.

Position Overview

Looking for a fulfilling and exciting career in physical therapy? Look no further than MOTION RX!

We’re a growth-minded physical therapy company with a big vision – one that encompasses your career aspirations. Our team is passionate about having fun, telling jokes, and creating a positive impact on our patients’ lives. We believe that building lasting relationships with our patients is key to their success, and we’re committed to providing the highest quality of care.

We’re currently seeking an experienced, full-time Physical Therapist to join our growing team at our Jacksonville location. We’re looking for someone who shares our values and is dedicated to delivering exceptional patient care while also committing to ongoing learning and professional development.

As a member of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a diverse group of patients, from athletes to seniors, and develop a wide range of skills. You’ll have access to ongoing training and professional development opportunities, as well as the latest technology and equipment.

We want someone who loves working with patients, enjoys diagnosis problems, and is passionate about optimizing patients’ results so they can live better lives. You should be comfortable working independently and making decisions on your own but also enjoy collaborating with your peers and problem-solving with different departments.

At MOTION RX, our team prides itself on being just that – a team. We’ve got your back, and we need you to have ours, too. We’re looking for someone who’s loyal to their peers and thrives on innovation, always looking for the next best thing to help our patients.

In addition to a rewarding position with an incredible team, we offer some pretty amazing perks, including flexible scheduling, competitive compensation packages, and a structured mentorship program with unlimited CEUs. Our benefits package includes medical, dental, vision, 401k, accrued PTO, CEU reimbursement, and holiday pay.

If you’re dependable, people-oriented, adaptable/flexible, and detail-oriented, we want to hear from you. This is a dream job for the right person, and we’re looking for a long-term hire who’s committed to helping our company thrive for years to come.

Don’t just settle for another job – join the MOTION RX team and take your career to the next level!

Position Requirements

    • A full-time licensed physical therapist in Florida committed to empowering patients to reach their full potential.
    • Someone with some experience with Physical Therapy is preferred.
    • This position will be treating a wide variety of patients. Must be comfortable working with different age demographics 
    • At MOTION RX, our team prides itself in being just that….a TEAM! So, if we’ve got your back, you’ve got to have ours, too!
    • Excellent patient engagement skills and a motivator for your patients
    • Ability to communicate well with patients and peers
    • Thrive on innovation – always looking for the next best thing to help your patients
    • Passionate about being a PT
    • Loyal to your peers – you’ve got their back and they’ve got yours

Position Rewards

In addition to a rewarding position with an incredible team, we offer some pretty amazing perks:

  • Flexibility with your schedule – Who doesn’t want that?!
  • Competitive compensation package, including benefits!
  • The best team and support system that you could possibly want.
  • Structured Mentorship and Unlimited CEUs

We Also offer:

  • Competitive Salary: We prefer our physical therapists not to work multiple jobs to support their living (Unless they want to) to prevent burnout. So we make sure our Base Salary, Bonus Structure, and Benefits Package are reflective of that.
  • Benefits Compensation: Our Benefits Package includes
    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • 401k
    • Accrued PTO
    • CEU reimbursement
    • Holiday Pay
  • Flexible Schedule: For those that need a more flexible work schedule we have the ability to create a part-time or full-time position that fits your lifestyle.

This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is:

  • Dependable — more reliable than spontaneous
  • People-oriented — enjoys interacting with people and working on group projects
  • Adaptable/flexible — enjoys doing work that requires frequent shifts in direction
  • Detail-oriented — would rather focus on the details of work than the bigger picture

About Company


We are family-owned and operated and intend to stay that way…


We investment in mindset, skillset and networking development throughout the year. All of our providers have access to ongoing continuing education training and career development. 


All clinicians meet monthly for education classes including but not limited to joint mobilizations, neurodynamics, exercise progression and regression, and blood flow restriction to name a few… Ask other potential employers if they are meeting regularly to improve their clinical skills.


We are fun! As humans, we spend a lot of time in our places of work. How terrible would it be if you had no fun at work! We believe in working hard, doing a good job but also having fun doing it!


Are you ready for an exciting career journey with unlimited opportunities for growth? Look no further! Our goal is to help you build a career that you’re passionate about, and we’re committed to providing you with the tools and support you need to succeed.

Whether you’re a new grad PT or a customer service superstar, we want you to know that the sky’s the limit. With the right attitude and commitment to excellence, you could be running your own clinic or earning profit shares in our company before you know it. And the best part? Our opportunities for growth aren’t just limited to PTs – we have exciting roles available in marketing, administration, human resources, and finance too.

So if you’re ready to take your career to the next level, we invite you to join our rapidly scaling company. With our support and your passion, the possibilities are endless!


If you’re looking for a cushy gig where you can coast through your workday without breaking a sweat, then I’m afraid MOTION RX is NOT the place for you. We’re a team of high-performers who thrive on challenges and are passionate about growing both professionally and personally.

Now, if you’re someone who’s ready to roll up your sleeves, embrace the challenge, and make a real impact, then we want to hear from you! We’re not interested in just clocking in and clocking out – we’re here to make a difference and change lives. And we know that starts with having a team that’s committed to excellence.

So if you’re ready to join a team of go-getters and make a real difference in people’s lives, then click that apply now button below and let’s get started! Together, we’ll achieve greatness and create a world-class team that can take on any challenge.

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MOTION RX is family owned and operated by Peter Yu, Physical Therapist. We help IMPACT our communities via physical therapy & holistic wellness. We work alongside our referral partners and their staff to provide the best physical therapy to patients in need. We believe we’re able to make a lasting impact in all our patients lives. This goes hand-in-hand with the impact we’re able to make on their friends and families as well. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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