ACL Physical Therapy In Jacksonville

Feeling Lost in Your ACL Rehab?

-Physical therapy not meeting your ACL expectations?

-You feel like there’s more you could be doing and you’re not being treated in a manner to prepare you for your athletic goals.

-Frustrated that you’re plateauting in your ACL rehab journey?

-Maybe you’re out of insurance visits.

We got you.

We’ll help you take the guesswork out of your ACL rehab so you can get back to being you. Feeling like an athlete. Physically and mentally confident.

In your knee.

In your sport.

In your life.

Never worry about the next step in your ACL journey.

There. Is. Hope. We can help.

Here at MOTION RX our performance physical therapists specializing in ACL rehab and are experts at getting athletes back to doing playing their sport with confidence in their knee pain free.

High quality ACL rehab can make the difference between long term success and a frustrating re-tear.

We know how it feels to worry you’re not doing the right thing after an ACL tear.

At our ACL Performance Lab, our ACL Rehab Specialists will work with you every step of the way to return to sport stronger, confidently, and safely.

You deserve an ACL rehab plan that challenges you, treats you like an athlete, and makes you more resilient.

Our team is committed to providing ACL rehabilitation that you can depend on. Our ACL Rehab Program incorporates the latest research/tools/guidance in order to give you the best outcome.

Our ACL Performance Lab is specifically designed for the athlete. We are equipped with squat racks, turf tracks, and a full athletic performance facility to challenge and prepare each athlete to make sure their are confident in their return to sport.

Our team specializes in 1-n-1 care to meet the physical and mental demands of returning to sport after an injury. Let’s get back on the field together!

If you want an exact roadmap and plan to get back to your sport and the activities you love without any pain, stiffness, or limitations, contact us today to see how we can help!

The time is now.

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Fran D

“I had never been to physical therapy before and was referred to Motion RX by a friend. I had no idea what to expect and was not sure if this would work for me. After the second session I was convinced, it works! Dr. Kate helped me feel comfortable with where I was at and safe enough to test my limits. She answered my questions thoughtfully and provided clear guidance on movements. Every week that I applied her instruction I noticed improvement. Progress makes me happy.” 

Sameh A

“Dr Kate has been awesome on my road to recovery. In my time with Motion RX, I not only have recovered but have gotten stronger. Thank you Dr. Kate and everybody at Motion RX!”