CrossFit In Jacksonville

Does this sound like you?

-Your shoulders always ache after gymnastic movements on the rig such as kipping pull-ups, bar muscle ups, or toes to bar

-That annoying knee pain keeps acting up with pistol squats, lunges, and heavier barbell front squats & cleans

-Barbell snatches and push jerks don’t feel as great as they used to and your one shoulder is always stiff and painful

-Your low back always feels it’s going to “give out” with deadlifts and kettlebell swings and you’re slowly starting to become fearful of those movements because you’re not sure if you’re going to keep getting hurt

-These nagging aches keep occurring and coming back even though you try to “rest and ice” and you’re just at a point where you’re frustrated with spinning in circles

-You’re tired of other healthcare providers telling you to “stop doing Crossfit” because you love the sport and you’re beginning to wonder if this is something you’re just going to have to “live with” for the rest of your life

There. Is. Hope. We can help.


Here at MOTION RX our performance physical therapists specialize in Crossfit-related injuries and are experts at getting Crossfitters back to doing WODs and working out pain-free. Our performance physical therapists are also Crossfit athletes themselves so we GET IT.

Common issues we treat in Crossfit athletes include the following

  • Shoulder Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Wrist Pain
  • Low Back & Neck Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • IT Band Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Ankle/Foot Pain

We provide 1 on 1 sessions with your sports physical therapist specializing in Crossfitters for full 60minute appointments to make sure we are able to provide the best quality care to help get you back to working out pain-free

If you want an exact roadmap and plan to get back to doing Crossfit again without any pain, stiffness, or limitations, contact us today to see how we can help!

The time is now.

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Patrick W

“I was dealing with nagging elbow pain that had incredibly limited what I was able to do not only in the gym but in day to day life. When trying to workout I could not do anything going overhead, pull ups of any kind, or even bench press. Even worse, I couldn’t do simple things such as wash my face or flush the toilet without pain. I had been trying to treat myself but was not getting the job done. I met Kate and Gillian at a Crossfit competition and decided to get Kate to help with my elbow. I had such a great experience. Yes I got better. Yes I can do all my day to day things without causing pain. But the experience was super fun. Kate’s personality as well with the rest of the group at Motion RX made every treatment enjoyable and entertaining. You’re working hard at each session but it shows you’re making forward progress.

Kate’s knowledge on working out and what it means NOT to be able to do so helped her create a treatment plan and each visit we would review my progress and what else I should do next.

I learned a lot throughout my course of treatment with Kate – much more than just about my elbow. I would not hesitate to recommend Motion RX to friends and family!” 


“I came to Motion RX with lower back pain that was holding me back from performing to my fullest in CrossFit. Dr. Kate quickly identified the strength and mobility issues which were causing my pain and developed a treatment program which targeted my weaknesses. After just a few weeks of performing the strength and mobility exercises prescribed to me by Dr. Kate, the frequency and intensity of my back pain was greatly reduced and was soon gone almost entirely. Pain is no longer holding me back from CrossFit and I feel much more confident in my workouts knowing that I have developed the strength to protect myself from injury. Having been a college athlete, I have had injuries in the past and have seen quite a few physical therapists. Never have I been to a physical therapist that holds a light to Motion RX. Motion RX understands the demands an athlete puts on their body and they possess the knowledge necessary to prepare the body to handle these demands. I leave Motion RX not only feeling physically stronger, but with a stronger understanding of injury prevention and treatment.”