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Top Rated Physical Therapists in Jacksonville

If you’re looking for a physical therapist, we have the perfect opportunity for you. Every member of our team has received professional training and is licensed. We can provide dry needling and therapy for any injury or emergency. You can trust our reliable solutions and professional service to ensure that your body is well-maintained.

Our physical therapists are proud to create individualized and personal physical therapy treatment plans that are unique to each individual. They also provide extensive education about how to improve one’s health and prevent future injuries.

Personalized Care from Our Team

There are no two people exactly the same. Therefore, injuries can be different even though they may affect the same body part. Our expert medical team will evaluate your condition and create a customized treatment plan that will get you back on track to being your best. Our staff will guide you through each visit with personalized attention and dedication.

Get Back to Your Sport with Our
Experienced Staff

You don’t have to settle for mediocre healthcare providers who tell you to “Just Rest” or “Just Don’t Do It Anymore.” You don’t need to settle for a traditional old clinic with carpeted floors, ice & ultrasound machines, and only light yellow therabands and pink 2lb dumbbells.

The modern day healthcare solution for individuals who want to live an active lifestyle looks and feels different. We understand athletes because we WERE and ARE athletes ourselves. Our state of the art equipment, program, and environment is curated to help prepare athletes to get back out onto the field stronger and more confident than ever before.

Our Proven 4-Phase Recovery Program


It can be frustrating and overwhelming when you’re in pain and don’t know where to turn for help. Our physical therapy experts will work with you one-on-one to identify the root cause of your pain and create a personalized treatment plan that will reduce your pain quickly. We’ll also provide you with helpful resources like exercises and pain reduction tips so you can continue to progress even after leaving our clinic. On average our patients see a significant reduction in pain in 6 visits or less.


We all know that reducing pain is important, but sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated after the initial relief. It can be tough to keep up the momentum after your pain has subsided. You may feel like you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get moving again. During Phase II, we help you regain your mobility, flexibility, and strength so you can continue on your path to success. With our help, you’ll be primed for future performance and able to prevent injury.


You’ve been sidelined by an injury and you’re eager to get back to your old self as soon as possible. It’s frustrating when you’re injured and can’t do the things you love. Sitting on the sidelines is hard, especially when everyone else seems to be moving on without you. That’s where our physical therapists come in. We’ll help you rehab your injury so that you can get back to your old self as quickly as possible. With our personalized treatment plans and experienced therapists, we’ll have you feeling like yourself again in no time.


You’ve just suffered an injury and the last thing you want to do is go through the pain again. It’s normal to feel concerned that the injury will occur again. In fact, most people worry about this very thing. That’s why our physical therapists make sure that you are equipped with the tools needed to prevent any future injury. We’ll help you recover quickly and safely so that you can get back to your life as soon as possible.

Success Stories & Testimonials

Meet Our Team

Dr. Peter Yu


Dr. Angela Lucas


Dr. Raven Mott (PT, DPT, WCS)

Performance Physical Therapist


ACL Physical Therapy

Physical therapy not meeting your ACL expectations? You feel like there’s more you could be doing and you’re not being treated in a manner to prepare you for your athletic goals. Frustrated that you’re plateauting in your ACL rehab journey?

Cross Fit

Here at MOTION RX our performance physical therapists specialize in Crossfit-related injuries and are experts at getting Crossfitters back to doing WODs and working out pain-free. Our performance physical therapists are also Crossfit athletes themselves so we GET IT.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a treatment technique often used by physical therapists to relieve pain. It requires using a sterile acupuncture needle that is inserted through the skin into muscles, tendons, ligaments, and/or close to nerves to immediately reduce pain, decrease muscle..

Orthopedic Therapy

Orthopedic physical therapy is a specialized field of physical therapy that focuses on the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Orthopedic physical therapists work with individuals who have conditions such as arthritis, sports injuries, back pain..

Pelvic Floor Therapy

If you’re experiencing discomfort, pain or other issues related to your pelvic region, you’re not alone. Pelvic floor dysfunction is a common condition that affects many people, particularly women who have given birth. But there’s good news: Pelvic floor therapy can help..


Your foot always aches after playing multiple games in rec play or tournaments That annoying knee pain keeps acting up with side-to-side movements in the kitchen and is limiting your ability to be as mobile as you’d like You’re tired of popping ibuprofen and Advil before..

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a great first-line treatment for most muscle and joint problems. Clinically proven to reduce pain and dysfunction, physical therapy also saves you time and money too. Although other kinds of practitioners will offer some of these treatments..

Running Physical Therapy

Your IT band & knees always hurt whenever you try to increase your weekly mileage to more than 15-20miles/per week That annoying plantar fasciitis & foot of yours starts to act up whenever you run bridges so you switch out your shoes..

Women’s Health

Our clinic is committed to women’s health. We know that there are many painful conditions that can impact women’s lives in Jacksonville. There are many reasons why pain and other issues around the pelvic floor may occur. It can be very frustrating and even embarrassing..

Live Pain Free in Jacksonville

Our team understands that you want to live an active lifestyle that is comfortable and capable. Your body must work in order to achieve that. You are experiencing pain, injury or weakness, which can make you feel confused and frustrated.

We believe that you deserve a body that is fully functional. We know what it is like to be injured,which has led to our success in helping thousands of people get back to their active lives.

This is how we do it:

  1. Tell us your story
  2. Get your customized plan.
  3. Start feeling better.
  4. Conquer your goals.

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Our Physical Therapy Programs

We make sure that our patients receive high-quality physical therapy as well as training programs that are perfect for them!

The programs are designed to help you achieve your physical health goals. They start with pain management and continue to use corrective exercises to build your body’s strength.

Then, you’ll be doing functional training activities and then the injury prevention phase. This is crucial to keep your strength up and prevent injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

Nope! Florida is a direct access state—meaning patients can go directly to a physical therapist without a physician’s referral and receive treatment for up to 30 days!

Do you take my insurance?

MOTION RX intentionally chooses not to participate with insurance companies. This allows us to treat our patients one-on-on for hour long visits and provide much higher quality care—getting better outcomes for our clients and much faster than insurance based clinics.

3 Reasons Why We Don’t Take Health Insurance

Do you take FSA or HSA funds?

Yes! We are a healthcare service and we accept Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) as well as all major credit cards, checks, and cash.

Why MOTION RX? What makes you different from other traditional physical therapy clinics?

Fitness Focused. Evidence Based. Personalized Care.

Our facility is set up like a gym which creates a unique atmosphere that allows us to truly prepare you to get back to the sports and activities you love pain free.

Our expert team is credentialed in Strength & Conditioning, CrossFit, Weightlifting and other Sport specific backgrounds (running, Soccer, Golf, Tennis).

Each Plan of Care is unique and tailored to YOU. Whether getting ready for tryouts, back in the gym, pain free sleeping, or chasing your grandchildren in the backyard, every session is customized for your needs and goals!

Here is an infographic with a complete breakdown!

I'm not an athlete. Can you still help me?

Absolutely! We would love to be a part of your recovery journey. Our team works with clients of all activity levels and ages—ranging from 8 to 88. We truly believe that if you have a body—you are an athlete! It is all about the “Athletic Mindset.” We want to inspire you to live an active lifestyle. help you reach your goals, and get you back to the activities you love without any pain or limitations.

What to expect on the first visit?

On your first visit, you and your Doctor of Physical Therapy will have a detailed conversation about your injury, pain, or limitation, your training history, goals, and any questions you have. From there, we go through a detailed movement assessment to figure out the root cause(s) of the issue and we will give you a clear, concrete answer to what is going on and how we are going to resolve this issue together. We then put together a holistic approach and program to help get you back to the activities and sports you enjoy pain free!

What should I wear on my visits?

Please wear athletic clothing and sneakers that allows you to move freely without any limitations. You will be moving so dress appropriately!

How long is each visit?

Each visit—evaluation and all follow-up visits— is 60 minutes long. You will receive one-on-one care for the full hour with your Doctor of Physical Therapy for each and every session.

How many visits will I need?

This will be dependent on the severity of the injury and limitations found within your evaluation by your Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). Typically our patients are seen anywhere from 8-12 visits in a to get rid of the pain, address the root cause, and implement a long term solution to prevent the issue from coming back again in the future.

How often will I come in for follow up visits?

We understand that your time is valuable and trust that you will be compliant with your program outside of our clinic and this allows us to be less frequent with your visits and ultimately get you back to your goals quicker.

Our patients usually are seen 1x per week for the initial 2-3 visits to make sure you are progressing appropriately and to get you out of pain as soon as possible. From there, once the pain is minimal and we are able to progress with more functional movement, we spread out the remaining visits every 2-3 weeks so that you can work the exercise program we provide you and TRULY achieve your goals and get the results you deserve.

What happens after I “graduate” and finish my plan of care for physical therapy?

Many of our patients and clients continue to work with us proactively on a monthly basis after they finish their plan of care. This maintenance program called “Continuity Care” allows us to make sure our clients don’t let injuries or pains get in the way of their health and wellness goals.