MOTION RX Testimonials

“So I suffered a pretty nasty leg injury a few years ago, and spent last summer trying to get back to running. Everything was going fine, but about two months later my leg started nagging me again. I immediately reached out to my running coach for advice, and he referred me to Motion RX and Dr. Yu. I cannot express how helpful Dr. Yu has been in helping me not only build strength, but in helping gain the tools and confidence to get back to running distance consistently. From my first session, when I couldn’t even hop on one foot, to my longest run in almost three years (a half marathon where I negative split!), Dr. Yu has been amazing. From the thought and care they put into your PT regimen, to the flexibility and availability they offer in terms of feedback and help throughout the process, I cannot recommend them enough. Everyone is so kind and genuinely invested and excited to help you see progress and success. If you’re looking for an amazing PT to help you reach your goals, this is it!”

Jon T

“When I first went to Motion Rx, I was feeling confused, uncertain, weak and frustrated. I had been in physical therapy at a different facility for months with what felt like very slow improvement. I am a runner and hadn’t felt strong enough or confident enough to run due to rib/sternum/back pain. Dr. Kate asked me what my goal was and at that point I really didn’t have a good answer. I just knew I wanted to feel better but most importantly be able to run again. So I asked her what her goal was for me and she said “to get you to trust your own body again” and she really helped me do just that. I can’t thank her enough for all the encouragement to push myself beyond what I thought I could do, for the at home workout plan and for getting me back to my love of running! Motion Rx was recommended to me by a friend and I’m so happy I decided to go. Everyone there is incredibly friendly and makes you feel at ease. If you’re feeling skeptical about going, I would say give it a shot. What do you have to lose?”

Nelisa L

“Rachel is the best physical therapist! I came with chronic plantar fasciitis and golfer’s elbow, and she got me back to running and lifting weights again. If you’re wondering what PT to go to, this is the one. The approach is awesome…pain shouldn’t keep you from doing what you love.”

Doug O

“I learned of Motion RX through their great social media presence and a preemptive call from Dr. Yu.  I broke my fibula and wanted to make sure that I healed correctly and efficiently to recommence with my preferred activities of soccer, golf, and snow-skiing.  After an initial assessment and agreed upon plan of treatment, I worked with Dr. Kate on a weekly basis to accelerate my natural healing and make sure that I exercised properly to maximize my return potential.  I am happy to say that I am back and as strong as I was pre-injury.  Thanks Dr. Kate to get me back on the field!”

Timothy B

“I was dealing with nagging elbow pain that had incredibly limited what I was able to do not only in the gym but in day to day life. When trying to workout I could not do anything going overhead, pull ups of any kind, or even bench press. Even worse, I couldn’t do simple things such as wash my face or flush the toilet without pain. I had been trying to treat myself but was not getting the job done. I met Kate and Gillian at a Crossfit competition and decided to get Kate to help with my elbow. I had such a great experience. Yes I got better. Yes I can do all my day to day things without causing pain. But the experience was super fun. Kate’s personality as well with the rest of the group at Motion RX made every treatment enjoyable and entertaining. You’re working hard at each session but it shows you’re making forward progress.

Kate’s knowledge on working out and what it means NOT to be able to do so helped her create a treatment plan and each visit we would review my progress and what else I should do next.

I learned a lot throughout my course of treatment with Kate – much more than just about my elbow. I would not hesitate to recommend Motion RX to friends and family!”

Patrick W

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Brittany K

“I have previously tried two rounds of “traditional” pelvic floor physical therapy over the last few years with minimal improvement. Going here was a life changer! Dr. Jana was phenomenal to work with and not only did I greatly improve my pelvic floor issues but I gained so much overall strength in the process. So happy I found Motion RX!!

Stephanie W

“If you are looking for a pelvic floor therapist, please go see Jana at Motion RX! She is amazing! I’m 11 weeks post-partum and I could not be more pleased with the results I have had. I didn’t have therapy after having my first two kids and let me tell you… it is a world of difference this go around. Highly recommend!”