Everyone is an Athlete!

We treat athletes. Period. You might be reading this and thinking to yourself, “well, that’s definitely not me because I’m in my 50s, WAY past my prime, work a 9-5 desk job, and have 2 kids. No way I’m an athlete!” Think again. Years ago, Nike Co-Founder Bill Bowerman created the company’s mission statement “If you have a body, you’re an athlete” in order to inspire people to stay active. While you may not be actively training for a competition, your number has been called and you’re playing in the sport called life. This concept is something we whole heartedly believe in here at MOTION RX as well and we do our best to prepare our athletes to be ready for the demands of their sport.

To put this a bit more into perspective, this was a lineup of some of our clients one morning last week.

Client 1 (Ankle pain): 48 year old mom who re-discovered her love for running 2 years ago, has been training consistently, and is now trying to qualify for Boston Marathon in the fall. Currently she’s unable  to run more than 3miles without stabbing ankle pain.

Client 2 (Shoulder pain): 38 year old male who was recently introduced to Crossfit by his friends 8 months ago, LOVED everything about it, and had just signed up for his first EVER local Crossfit team competition 2 months away. Currently he’s unable to do snatches and bar muscle ups because of his shoulder pain.

Client 3 (Back Pain): 68 year old grandfather who visited his brand new 6month old granddaughter last week but was unable to bend down and play with him because of his back pain.

Client 4 (Knee Pain): 50 year old dad who had ACL surgery last August, went through “traditional post op rehab” and was “discharged” for it due to meeting “functional outcomes” by his insurance, but will still experience knee pain and swelling anytime he stands for too long or walks for more than 1hr. He takes his entire family down to Disney every July for their annual family vacation and he’s afraid that he won’t be able to keep up with his kids at the park because of his knee.

All 4 clients that morning were ALL athletes competing and training for their own respective sports. Client 1: a marathon, Client 2: a local Crossfit competition, Clients 3 & 4 were training for the sport and the game of life. Taking the kids on vacation without worrying about your knee and being able to play with your first grandchild on the ground without back pain are all very common physical demands that we go through as we experience life.

“If you have a body, you’re an athlete.” We take this to heart and treat each and everyone of our clients like an athlete. We encourage, push them, and treat them like an athlete. We coach and guide them every step of the way so that they feel COMPLETELY confident and ready to return to the demands of their sport pain free.

So whether you’re a fitness enthusiast with a specific benchmark in mind or someone who wants to be able to keep up with their kids and family pain free, you need to ensure your body stays healthy enough to keep up with the demands of your sport! If you’ve been dealing with pain or a nagging ache, get in contact with us today so we can help you continue living the pain free active lifestyle you deserve!